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السبت، 16 مارس 2013

photos drivin- 2013

( 2 )    Level crossing with gate or barrier

( 22  ) Under any circumstances

'give way' sign

A route for  pedestrian  and   cyclists

Which is a hazard warning line

 To make you aware of  your speed

give way' sign

No right turn

Route for trams only

 (11) High vehicles

   Service area 30 miles ahead

(12) No overtaking

    (13)   vehicle   may  park  fully on  the verge  or  footway

(15)  Which shape is used for a 'give way' sign

(17) Hazard warning line

To pass a road maintenance vehicle  vehicle  travelling  at 10 mph or less

(18)  Hazard warning line

Give way to traffic from the right

(20)   follow   the route diversion


(23)  Give an instruction

A3 (4)  No entry

(8)  End of 20 mph zone

(9) pedal cycle and pedestrian route

hold  back until   you can see clearly ahead

NO motor vehicles allowed

Risk of ice

 Low  bridge       Road narrows    T-junction    Children  crossing

Contraflow bus  lane

direction to park-and-ride car park

You have priority over vehicles from the opposite direction (1

Two-way  Traffic  straight  ahead(2

on road humps  (XX

Give priority to oncoming traffic

 all  traffic   is goning one way (4

 Traffic light out of order  (A1

 will  be   two-way traffic crossing  your  route ahead  (5

carry on with great care (A2

wait for the green light before you cross the stop line (A3

  no stopping

  Minimum – roundabout

Give an instruction

Waiting restrictions apply

National speed limit applies


Traffic signs giving orders are generally which shape

At a junction you see this signal. It means. Cars must stop

not to do something

  Hump-back bridge

  Beware of falling objects

bend sharply to  the left

     By displaying stop sign

sign    STOP  at a junction

     Warning Cycle Route Ahead Sign

  A route for pedestrians only

    with-flow pedal cycles  lane


               1 )  Double bend ahead, first to the right symbol

        Contraflow system

    2) Double bend ahead, first to

  * )   End of 30 mph minimum speed limi

           End of dual carriageway

       ** ) End of  minimum speed

     End of restricted parking area

It is to separate traffic flowing in opposite directions

          Entrance to controlled parking zone

      Lane for heavy and slow vehicles

       Keep left of the hatched markings

Parking place for solo motorcycles

Parking restricted to permit holders

                        Stop, even if the road is clear

                            Red and amber

    Quayside or river bank

  Temporary maximum speed 50 mph

       The number of  the next junction

bend-to-right 1

To prevent queuing traffic from blocking the junction on

       Tourist  directions

    To prevent the junction   becoming   blocked

    Visibility along the major  road is  restricted

Trams must stop

   Waiting is limited to the duration specified during the days and times shown

     Waiting restrictions apply


     a vehicle is not being  used on the road

   You  are approaching a hazard

  a crawler lane on a mototway is found  on  steep gradient

buses and cycles only

    end  of restriction


   give way to traffic  from the  right

    hazard warning line.تحذير خط المخاط

junction-on-bend-ahead 3


          change  left

   on  a  motorway slip road
      plates normally appear with this road sign_Humps for 12    mile

                        outside  hours of operation

                 right- hand  lane closed ahead

       pull up  on  the      verge .Traffic will move into the left-hand lane


       sound your horn and be prepared to stop

         speed  limit - To warn of road works  ahead        

       test your  brakes

                  that pedestrians may be walking along the road           


                 this sign mean  End of motorway

      junction-on-bend-ahead 3

unless there is nowhere else available

   you must stop behind  the white stop line - Copy